The Tiger Fight Song had the same tune but different words back in 1965. “Although Yale has always favored, the violets dark blue, and the many sons of Harvard, to the crimson rose are true, we will hold our lily slender, no honor shall we lack, for the Tigers stand defenders of the Orange and the Black. Rah! Rah! V I C T O R Y.. Grinnell Tigers Fight!”

GHS Homecoming Queens and Kings

It is always fun to remember our Homecoming Festivities and Events that took place when we were in high school, putting our memories to the test.  It was very interesting to go back through the Annuals that are now housed at the Drake Library in Grinnell.  I am not sure what year exactly the Homecoming Queen and King began but the list below was taken from the respective Grinnellian Year Books.

There were a few Annuals missing so if you would like to donate yours to their collection, please keep that in mind when you sort through old things.  If you know who should go in any of the “blanks”, please use the Contact Us form to let us know.

Grad YearQueenKing
1920None listed
1925None listed
1933None listed
1943None listed
1944None listed
1946None listed
1947None listed
1948Sonya PedersenBob Dimit
Grad YearQueenKing
1950Sue Bailey
1951Joyce Lidtka
1952Jeannette Starnes
1953Geraldine Adkins
1954Bernadine Sutton
1955Orene Jensen
1956Bonnie Streck
1957Ann DeLong
1958Nancy Ullrich
1959Sue Gustafson
1960Brenda Lavent
1961Diane Schafer
1962Chris Ullrich
1963Janet Vogt
1964Becky Downey
1965Judy Craig
1966Jean Blair
1967Ramona Ratcliff
1968Cheryl George
1969Diane Winters
1970Kay Fuller
1971Anne DeMeulenaereJoe Ridgeway
1972Joyce Sears
1973Carla Raffety
1974Sandy Van Arkel
1975Sharon Calvin
1976Kim Meredith
1977Jodi Johnson
1978Lynn Kaloupek
1979Teresa Minear
Grad YearQueen
1980Kim BachmanAl Latcham “First Official King”
1981Patricia SchmidtScott Meredith
1982Diane CunninghamStan Johnson
1983Chris SepicScott McDonough
1984Kristy HarrisTracy McCammant
1985Ursula PatiwaelTom Lannom
1986Rachel KintzingerDavid Peters
1987Chanda PetermannMark Brown
1988Wendy KinnairdEddy Elliott
1989Heidi LebeckBrad McDonough
1990Heather AgnewJeff Vorwerk
1991Tashia AndesDan McCulley
1992Lisa VorwerkRuss Dreesman
1993Courtney WittBen Latimer
1994Angie ToneyJake Boyer
1995Jamie JuhlJeff Clement
1996Kristin LebeckJason Epperson
1997Jessica WhiteDanilo Juvane
1998Anna HeinnemenWaylon Goetzinger
1999Kate HeinemanDan Kyle
2000Ashley AndrewsShawn Edelen
2001Brianne DavisLee Novak
2002Randi SniderNick Kriegel
2003Emily KolbeEli Kilburg
2004Katee Van ArkelLevi Fenner
2005Stefanie DeAngeloSeth Coster
2006Nikki PierceJon Mielak
2007Brianna GalloKyle Lidtka
2008Sallie PorathPeter Marsho
2009Whitney SwickJosh Eilander
Grad YearQueenKing
2010Laura WeigelJerrett Tompson
2011Nikki FreemanJake Beck
2012Shay PedersonBen Cunningham
2013Elizabeth NelsonNot Listed
2014Not ListedNot Listed
2015Not ListedNot Listed

History of Grinnell Public Schools

From the GHS 1945 Yearbook

To write the history of the Grinnell Public Schools is, practically, to write the history of the Grinnell Community. Ten school buildings have been built since 1854. In that year ten men contributed fifteen dollars each to erect a building 16×24 to serve, temporarily, for both church and school. This was the fourth structure in town.

J.B. Grinnell directed the construction. On Monday morning the trees were standing in the forest. They were felled, cut, squared and sawed into boards. On the following Sunday the building was ready for church service. True, the green lumber warped and twisted. Wind and rain and sun penetrated freely. But where the Stewart Library is now located, stood the first school.

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GHS Alumni Hall of Fame

From the Fall 2007 Grinnell High School Alumni Association newsletter
Recently the long awaited Grinnell High School Alumni Hall of Fame showcase was installed by the contractors, ASIModulex, near the entrance of the newly built high school auditorium. The stained oak wood cabinet matches the existing trophy cases arranged along the corridor of the auditoriumgymnasium complex. The LED illuminated display honors the 14 honorees as voted on at the last All High School Reunion in 2004. Their names, pictures, last year attended Grinnell High School, and accomplishments are etched on 14 7” x 10” zinc plaques with raised stain bronze lettering on clear acrylic and arranged in numerical order of their graduation.

By the honorees accomplishments, this Hall of Fame exposes to the youth of Grinnell High School their horizons and exposes their options to see that a world of opportunities awaits them by following the honorees examples of success in citizenship and serving of all mankind. Many are nominated, but few qualify for admittance to the Hall of Fame.

Conditions for Election
Election to the Hall of Fame is to be cumulative from time to time. Former students of the Grinnell schools, whether graduates or not, are eligible. Election is based upon outstanding achievements of the individual in his or her line of endeavor. An honorary election of those persons who were closely connected with the school but were not former pupils in the system will be considered. J.B. Grinnell is such a choice. The candidate, in addition to above, when selected must be deceased.

Two members of the Class of 1944 gifted the showcase to the school as a memorial to the school.

Members of the Hall of Fame committee are Jerry Hagen, Dick Ritter, and Bob Smith.

Members of the GHS Alumni Hall of Fame

J.B. GRINNELL (Honorary)  Founder of Grinnell, Educator and Statesman

 (Class of 1907)  Inventor and Manufacturer

WILLIAM (BILLY) C. ROBINSON (Class of 1908)  Pioneer Aviator and Inventor

HARRY L. HOPKINS (Class of 1908)  Federal Administrator and Special Assistant to President F.D. Roosevelt

HALLIE FERGUSON FLANAGAN (DAVIS) (Class of 1908)  Author, Educator, and Federal Theater Administrator

 (Class of 1909)  Benefactor and Attorney

 (Class of 1910)  Author

JULIA B. WHEELER (Class of 1910)  Educator

ADMIRAL ARTHUR RADFORD (Class of 1914)  2nd Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff

JOHN TALBOTT, M.D. Editor of Medical Publications, Physician and Educator

HELEN RENFROW (LEMME) (Class of 1923)  Educator and Civil Rights Leader

LYMAN B. CASE (Class of 1928)  Pioneer Iowa Highway Patrolman and Judicial Magistrate

CLAUDE AHRENS (Class of 1931)  Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

ROBERT NOYCE (Class of 1945)  Inventor of Silicon Microchip and Founder of Intel Corporation